July 24, 2024


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Home Pull Up Bars

Home Pull Up Bars

Pull ups are a great exercise as they work all sorts of muscles in your body and they need very little equipment in order for you to do them. One option is to go the gym as virtually every gym will have a pull up bar, along with a lot of other equipment. However going to the gym can be a lot of effort, especially if you want a quick blast out. It can also be very expensive, as signing up to a gym membership can entail a long-term cost, especially compared with the few dollars a home pull up bar would cost.

With home pull up bars, there are really two main options- a fixed screw in doorway pull up bar or a removable bar. There are a few pros and cons to a fixed bar, but I think that the main advantage of a fixed bar is that it catches your eye every time you go into a room, prompting you to do a few pull up repetitions. I think this is a great benefit as you can’t make this split second decision to do a few reps with a gym membership. The disadvantage is that a bar fixed in your door frame doesn’t look particularly good, so if you are worried about the appearance of your home this can be a big down side. Therefore it makes sense to put you fixed bar in a place that guests wouldn’t normally see, your bedroom door frame for example. Installing a fixed bar requires a bit of DIY competence, though only the knowledge and ability to put a few screws in place. However if you really are not confident in your DIY skills, a removable chin up bar is a great option.

Removable bars are a bit larger and tend to be a bit more expensive than a fixed bar and they work by using your body weight to hold it in place in front of a door frame. The most obvious advantage of them is that they don’t have to stay in place looking untidy when you don’t want them two. You can remove it whilst not using it, so it will never be detracting from the appearance of your house when you have guests around. Another advantage is that they do not require installation, so there is a lot less effort to worry about.

Both types of bars are great and if you interested in chin up bars you might like to visit my website on the subject.