May 22, 2024


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How to Get Flat Stomach and Six Pack Abs For Girls

Do you feel green with envy every time you see those Hollywood celebrities or athletes with sexy, washboard abs? Don’t feel too bad, because it’s possible for ordinary and average girls like you to tone those stomach muscles and potentially develop six pack abs.

To have a great body and get your flat belly to show nicely, you got to follow the right diet and proper exercises, girl! Be careful not to fall in the trap of the so-called “fad diets” and of doing more than 20 crunches per session. When it comes to diet, it’s important that lean protein and healthy carbs and fats consists your meal. Get rid of junk foods and say hello to unprocessed and organic foods. Include dairy in your diet and minimize estrogenic foods and soy products. Make sure your daily calorie intake is adequate so as not to lose energy. Eat more fiber and drink plenty of water every day. Keep your metabolism steady so try to avoid stress and anxiety. Get your beauty sleep and stay cool. When it comes to working out, do abdominal exercises plus full body exercises. Concentrate on exercises that give the most resistance and develop correct body positioning. Go for cardio workouts like walking. Start off with a 10-minute walk a day then increase the time as you go along.

So now, work towards awesome abs. With a little discipline you can achieve this. Have a healthy diet, follow the right workout program and enjoy your routine. Truth be told: Girls want to have fun…and a six pack!