April 13, 2024


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How To Go From Skinny Joe To Muscle Jock

If you feel you need to get bigger but you just can’t put on the muscle no matter what you do, don’t worry, you can get big if you follow these simple steps. There are 3 body types in men and if you’re naturally skinny then your body type is classed as an Ectomorph. I bet you’re slightly taller than most of your friends, you eat everything your friends eat and then some and yet you still don’t see an ounce of fat on you. This is because your body type naturally doesn’t retain weight. Some people would die to be this body type. You get to wear tailored fit shirts and have more choice in clothing and looking good. If you’re certain you want to bust out of your T-shirt here’s how you can pile on lean muscle.

Your approach will be different from every other approach that regular people have to follow. With your body type you don’t have to worry about adding fat, so you won’t need to be watching your diet as closely, you want need to be performing exhausting cardio either. You focus is consuming more than average daily calories and lifting big making sure you fuel your body with exactly what it needs to repair and grow muscle.

Take a look at your current daily lifestyle, if you are very active then you are really going to have to focus on your diet, by making sure you increase your calories dramatically. Scoffing ice cream and eating crisps will increase your calorie intake but this is the unhealthy way to add calories to your diet and you’ll suffer internally. Get yourself a good quality Mass protein shake. These types of shakes give you increased calories over a normal protein shake and don’t have unhealthy fats or salt. Look for ones that say MASS or weight gainer.

The average daily calorie intake for a man is 2500 calories. Consuming this amount won’t work for you as your body will burn it up so aim for 4000 calories a day, or more if you can. You need to be eating constantly, have a big breakfast and eat throughout the day. You can afford to eat fast food if you need to get those calories in but try not to depend on junk for your calories. Peanut butter is great for adding calories, also get your calories from high protein foods such as chicken and tuna also don’t be afraid to eat carbs. A little trick to make your calorie stick is by eating in the evening, our bodies naturally slow down in the evening so make sure you eat at these times, have a weight gainer shake too before you go to bed as we burn calories in our sleep.

Your exercise should consist of high intensity training using the 3 core mass muscle builders, which are, Squats, Bench Press and deadlifts. Leave out the cardio until you get the gains you want and then add cardio to get shredded. So eat like a horse, get yourself a weight gainer shake, consume at least 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight and train like a beast.