April 13, 2024


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How to Make a Woman Beg to Be Your Girlfriend

If you wish to get with the most gorgeous women around, you have to find out what the most effective techniques are to get their interest before anything else. Keep reading to discover 3 unique techniques that can get you any woman you want…

How to Make Women Beg You to be Yours – 3 Killer Seduction Techniques You Must Know

Technique Number One: Discover her ultimate weakness. Women have strong emotions, but they still have soft spots when it comes to certain things. If you want to find out what your woman has a soft spot for, talk to her more.

For example, if she talks about something over and over again, you could use this as a starter to get her to go out with you by associating what she likes with a place that you know about related to it. However, be patient and take your time before asking her out. You want her to feel comfortable around you before you actually tap into that phase.

Technique Number Two: Mix conversations with covert seduction phrases. In order to make women tell you how they feel, you have to mesmerize them until they anchor their good feelings towards you and therefore lose the overall ability to actually reject you.

Anchoring” might be a fairly advanced technique, but if you can pull it off successfully, then you will discover that women will get addicted to you quickly – and will soon beg you for dates! Try it – this tactic is brutally effective.

Technique Number Three: “Future Projections”. This doesn’t mean talking about marriage and kids, though, okay? What you have to do is show her what you have to offer in the long run if she chooses to go out with you.

If she happens to enjoy traveling and talks a lot about a particular place she would like to go to, tell her that you feel the same way. If you have already been there, share some stories about your visit, so she can start fantasizing about the two of you going there together.

This technique is often times referred to as “future projection” and happens to be very effective in getting women to project their dreams with the men who put it to use. Try it out and see just how effective it is!