May 23, 2024


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How to Reduce Body Fat – Build Lean Muscles – Workout at the Gym Or Home

To Reduce body fat and build lean shapely muscles you need a realistic plan. You must learn first what to do and put it into practice. You need to eat nutrient rich foods, do intense resistance strength training, drink water and sleep your proper amounts. You want to build muscle for burning calories. Find the right fat loss program for you. Make it a habit to achieve fitness and health.

If you want to reduce body fat then you need to turn your body into a fat burning machine. The following are some things you can do for fat loss quickly.

1. Do strength training resistance exercises with high intensity and the time between the exercises make them short. This will raise your resting metabolic rate, burn fat, build lean shapely muscles, increase strength and endurance.
2. Spend 15 to 25 minutes a workout session. This is long enough for a total body workout.
3. Two or three times a week is plenty to do your exercises so your body can rest.
4. Eat nutrient rich foods. Proteins mostly from plants, complex carbohydrates, healthy natural fats.
5. Do the correct number of volumes and reps.
6. Learn about progression.
7. Don’t keep counting calories but know about how many you need a day.
8. Drink water – 6 to 8 glasses of water a day and even more when exercising intensely.
9. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night.
10. Stay positive and persistent until you form good habits.

Where Should You Workout? At The Gym or At Home

The gym has many exercise choices for fat reduction. There are all kinds of different machines, treadmills, free weights, classes and training. You want to be strength training. Gyms cost money to join, some have monthly fees and contracts. During busy times at the gym you may have to wait to use equipment. You need to consider the travel time to and from the gym.

Working out at home you most likely won’t have the equipment a gym does. Get standard barbells with weights, training belt, gloves and an incline/decline bench. You can use your own body weight as resistance too instead of any equipment. Focus to have the same energy you would have at a gym or fitness center. You can burn body fat very effectively at home by following and sticking to a proven plan.