May 23, 2024


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Man Boob Exercise That Works

I thought I was going to be stuck with my man boobs for the rest of my life. I was 27 and had resigned to the fact that if I couldn’t get rid of them at this age, then surely it would only get harder as I got older. In truth, I was just going about getting rid of my man boobs the wrong way. I wasn’t engaging in the right diet and I didn’t know the right man boob exercises to do. Since then I’ve figured it out and I’d like to show you right now how your can cure your gynecomastia with the ultimate man boob exercise. This is a regimen of man boob exercise that works and works FAST.

Let me just say that if you’re doing a million different chest exercises, you’re wasting your time. There’s only a few that will contribute to burning your chest fat.

I was actually accidentally contributing to my man boobs by doing decline bench presses for a while. Decline bench presses build muscle on the lower region of the pecs and will actually emphasize your man boobs. Stay away from this one.

Stick with incline bench presses. You’ll work your shoulders and your upper pecs. When you build up this muscle, you’ll be burning the lower chest fat and lifting the entire shape of the pecs. Start with 3 sets of 10 reps. Don’t try lifting too much weight off the bat. Work your way up slowly.

When you do lift weight, hold the weight in the lifted position for a two second pause. This will stimulate your fast twitch muscles and speed up your muscle building process. Remember, muscle requires energy to be sustained and when you’re building your upper chest, the muscles will grab energy from the nearest location. This means your lower pec fat stores. This is the process that triggers your man boob fat burning.

Your running workouts should be short and intense. Don’t do cardio for longer than 25 minutes at a time. The goal is to keep your body in an anaerobic state. Running too much will hurt your muscle building efforts.

Diamond pushups will help over time, but the are more of a reshaping and toning technique. To burn the chest fat and replace it with muscle, you’ll want to make the inclined bench press your new best friend.