May 17, 2024


Inspiring Healthy Living

Quit Smoking – What’s Your Epiphany?

Every day around the world millions of people want to quit smoking, or lose weight, go to the gym, start a business etc.

But as they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. For smoking the facts speak for themselves. But facts don’t make people change. If logic was a universal motivator then humans would always make good healthy choices.

Many smokers declare they are quitting on a regular basis but with little conviction and commitment, and so the attempt either fails to complete or fails to get started altogether. I know it’s not about weakness; it’s mostly about fear of failure or even the fear of having to cope with life as a non-smoker.

But the reality is, we more often than not need a big wake up call before we take action and sometimes more than one.

Some common epiphanies I have heard from clients are:

  1. A serious personal medical diagnosis, typically of cancer or emphysema. Cancer usually works buts emphysema only half the time initially.
  2. The diagnosis of another smoker with cancer, such as a family member or a friend. Strangely this has a medium success.
  3. Wanting to meet a new partner. This is a powerful motivator.
  4. Social embarrassment can motivate some.
  5. A sudden financial restriction. In Australia a smoker can easily spend from $5000-10,000 per year. An epiphany can be from a huge shock or as something as simple as watching your child play and be struck by a sudden sense of guilt.

It may be something that just builds up and reaches the point where quitting is the only option.

It doesn’t matter how your epiphany manifests, whether it be a lightening strike or a light bulb, what matters is that you pay attention and take action.

OK so what if you don’t have an epiphany? One thing for sure you shouldn’t wait around for one to occur. And don’t use the lack of a lightening bolt as a reason for not quitting. You probably have enough excuses already, so you certainly don’t need another one.

It is also vital that you recognise your epiphany for what it is and have the courage to do what you know needs doing. That’s right it’s time to book your hypnosis quit smoking session and to set yourself free from the deadly shackles of smoking once and for all. Just remember that you can do it.