July 24, 2024


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Shy by Day, Dirty Talking by Night

Shy by Day, Dirty Talking by Night

Talking dirty to your partner is something so intimate between the two of you. No one else will know you do it until you decide to spill the beans and tell them. The fact that you are spicing up your sex life with all that dirty talk in the bedroom will be your own little secret!

You might have heard the old saying about men who like to have a prim and proper woman to present to the world, but when the lights go out, they want a naughty vixen in bed. It’s even been coined with a name: The Madonna/Whore complex. Men love to see their women being proper in public but very improper behind closed doors.

Part of that appeal goes back to the fact that what happens in the bedroom is so private. A secret between lovers is one of the strongest aphrodisiacs you will ever find! It bonds the two of you because nobody else knows what is going to happen that night, but you do.

No one else knows what you do to drive him wild – he’s the only one who does. Every relationship is unique, so even if you are with someone who has a long history of relationships before you, it’s a sure bet that none of his former lovers did things quite the same way you do them. No matter your history, what is shared between the two of you is a secret, and that’s hot!

The next time you and your partner are in public, looking all demure and modest, lean over and whisper into his ear about the naughty things you want to do to him later. Before you walk into that restaurant, pull him aside and give him a preview of what comes for dessert. Enjoy watching him blush while you do it.

You still have that demure air to project to the world, but he knows who you really are inside – a naughty woman who loves to talk dirty to the man of her dreams!