July 24, 2024


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‘Stamina Bandflex Home Gym Reviews’ – Should I Get A Bowflex Instead?

‘Stamina Bandflex Home Gym Reviews’ – Should I Get A Bowflex Instead?

An affordable alternative to the Bowflex is the Bandflex Home Gym. The Bandflex Home Gym uses a series of 6 bungee cables with three on each side to give you the resistance you need in your weight training.

You stretch and pull these cables as you lift. A quick snap click lets you change the resistance levels to match your experience level and needs. In comparison to the Bowflex, this home gym seems to have more appealing features for far less money. There are 67 different exercises you can do and it is offers up to 260m pounds of resistance.

The Bandflex Home Gym consists of a multi-position bench, which of course is adjustable and a bench press. It has a lat pulldown for your back and triceps. For your legs, it features a leg curl, a leg press and a leg extension to give a workout for all the muscles.

There is a preacher curl attachment you can use for your biceps and a seated row for your back and shoulders. A simple adjustment of the pin lets you move through the exercises easily. It also takes up much less space and can be folded for easy storage.

The bungee cables of this machine tend to stretch and gradually get too long for then to be of any use to you. This means you will have to purchase replacement cables for the equipment.

OVerall, we do recommend the Bandflex home gym instead of the Bowflex. But, do bear in mind the pointers above and you will be have very satisfied with your purchase.