July 24, 2024


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The Secrets Of Writing Attention Grabbing Headlines

Dear Marketing Superstar,

Today I’d like to talk about how to create eye-ball grabbing headlines. You know the kind that sucks in your reader to the page like a F5 tornado.

So let’s start with the basics. Writing headlines can actually be fun… once you know the secrets. So let’s start with a few basics.

This may come as a surprise but according to a few top-shelf marketing gurus, your headline is NOT the most crucial part of the ads you write. “What? Are you kidding me? Headlines are not the most important part of my ad? What, are you crazy?”

Yeah, I maybe a little nuts. But hear me out. I promise you’ll never think about ad writing the same way again.

Before you can create that killer, attention-grabbing headline you got to do a little detective work first. Before writing a single syllable of copy dig in and think about your prospect and the overall big idea or appeal. Your big idea will be the springboard from which your copy will flow from.

Now this may sound obvious but if you select the wrong appeal your promotion is going to bomb… no matter how brilliant the copy.

For example, send a letter offering a hi-end investment newsletter subscription to a paycheck to paycheck blue collar worker… and watch it get trashed fairly quickly. I’m sure you get the point.

As you can figure it all starts with really knowing your prospect and the market. Learn what the core desires and advantages the prospect wants to gain. I won’t go into a lot details about market research here but you do need to know who you are writing to.

Once you’ve nailed down who you are writing to you are now ready to bounce around some ideas about your prospect, your product and your promotion. All this leads up to creating a killer headline.

Let’s look at a few effective headline appeals.

Before I get into this here, keep in mind most writers do not spend enough time fleshing out a killer headline. They simply slap one together and call it a day. Please don’t let this be you (or your copywriter, or ad agency).

The main purpose of the headline is to do two jobs and do it quickly. It’s a noisy world out there and your headline must cut through the noise, grab the attention of your audience and pull them into the ad.

Grabbing your reader’s attention through all the noise is easy. Just shout out their name. You know something like, “Hey Jimmy Rae! Over here!”

BAM! Your headline just cut though all of that noise and clutter and you, my friend just got Jimmy’s attention.

So using a person’s name in your headline is one of the strongest appeal your sales letter could ever possess. In some cases response can go up as much as 30{6fed281ec7a8abc92e2b781741b2370631fe85beacf5ac69d09adc3c180ad946}… just by personalizing your letter.

But what if you can’t use personalization like in newspaper or magazine ads? Not to worry. You can use… drum roll please…

“Trigger Words”

Yes, trigger words to the job nearly as effectively. What the heck are trigger words? Trigger words are direct, shorthand like words that naturally flag your attention and describe the very thing you’re interested in.

For example let’s say you’re needing a crackerjack business consultant to pull you out of a tight spot… the words “skilled”, “professional”, or “pioneers in… ” will likely gain your attention.

Likewise if you’ve taken a new job out of state and you need to sell your home quickly then you’ll most likely respond to words like “insider home seller secrets” and “Sell Your Home Quickly Without Giving Away Equity”.

The name of the game here is Targets! You shouldn’t care if anyone outside your prime prospects see your ad. It matters not! Again, learn what’s important to your prime targets and appeal to them.

Here’s A Few Examples:

One of my fav mentors, John Carlton is a master at incorporating hooks within the headline. Check out these examples:

“Put me in a tee box with Tiger Woods and I’ll outdrive him every time!” How A Skinny Little Gold Genius From California Accidentally Started Hitting 425-Yard Tee Shots!

Free Stock Trading Secrets of A Filthy-Rich Wall Street Outlaw!

World Famous Street-Fighter Will Give You A FREE GUN… Just to Prove He Can Take It Away From You Bare-Handed As Easy As Candy From A Baby!

Want more headline ideas?

Many of the top-shelf copywriters and marketers have praised COSMO for great headline and copy ideas. Keep in mind Cosmopolitan Magazine is not just a shelf magazine but also a checkout magazine. So the cover blubs have to grab readers’ attention in the grocery store checkout line.

Here’s a tiny sample…

Get Rid of Muffin Top. 7 Belly Blasting Tricks

Killer Cocktail. How a popular drink could kill you in your sleep.

HIS #1 SEX WISH. 71 Guys Crave This Move. You’re Gonna Want to Drop the Magazine and Do It On The Spot.

Gut Feelings You Should Never Ignore.

Lose Weight While You Eat – 9 Belly Shrinking Foods.

What You Should Never Let Your Gyno Do.

5 Things That Can Blow A Job Interview.

That’s just a teeny, tiny list. Want more? Well all righty then. I’ve put together a “Headline Starter Kit” just for you. And here’s the best part… It’s completely FREEEEEE! No strings attached! Just email me at [email protected] and ask for it!

Till next time.


P.S. Time is running out so get your FREE Headline Starter Kit. Email me at [email protected] to get your free headline starter kit. I promise you want regret it.