July 24, 2024


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Ways to Get Him Back – Uncovering His Emotional Hot Buttons!

Ways to Get Him Back – Uncovering His Emotional Hot Buttons!

If you are saying “I want to get back my ex boyfriend” but don’t know where to start, this article could be just what you need. You see, we all have emotional triggers that can be exploited as ways to get him back. If you are really serious about getting your boyfriend back you need to learn what his emotional triggers or “hot buttons” are. Read on to discover 5 ways to hit those buttons and start getting him back today!

1- Keep Contact Down to a Minimum. It’s OK to keep in contact, but be very casual about it. A simple text or friendly phone call now and then will be enough to show you still care when getting your boyfriend back but more importantly, it will also keep him guessing what you are up to in your life. Keep the mood of your contact fun and easy going. This not being in control of you will hit an emotional hot button; the “I miss you” button.

2 – Become his Friend. A simple first step to getting him back is to just be his friend. He will be expecting you to chase him and act all needy around him. This will definitely push button number 2 because he won’t know how to react to this and it will intrigue him.

3 – Be Confident and Happy. Start going out with all your friends again. Staying indoors wallowing in depression will do no good. By starting to enjoy yourself again, the pain of the breakup will soon begin to ease. There is a high chance you will bump into each other when you are out with your friends and one of the ways to get him back will be to show him the new “fun and full of life you”. Be warm and open to any conversation with him but don’t show any weakness to his charms. Hot button number 3 on the quest of getting him back is to make him work for you!

4 – Update Your Look. “Letting yourself go” is something that can make the situation worsen especially if your relationship is already having problems. If you really want to hit those emotional hot buttons and are serious about getting your boyfriend back you need to use your secret weapon. Get sexy again! A breakup can pull your self worth down and you no longer care how you look. You need to take pride in how you look again. It’s Time to get that new hairstyle and time to shop till you drop and buy that killer new set of clothes. Maybe drop a few pounds too! When he sees you his jaw will drop and he will kick himself for dumping you. This is an emotional trigger no man can fight.

5 – Invite Him on a Date. This is one of the ways to get him back and must be handled correctly and only when the time feels right. Too soon and you will look pathetic and needy. Too late and he may have moved on. By you taking the steps to move things forward you will portray a new confident person that knows what she wants and this will really help getting him back. Be careful not to seem pushy as this will put him on his guard and wonder what you are up to. A simple meet up for just a cup of coffee would be good. Tell him to look at as more of a friendly get together rather than a date but make sure you look “hot”. Ooze sexiness and confidence in a casual way is trigger number 5 and you will have him eating out of the palm of your hands. Enjoy the power!

If you are asking “can I get back my ex boyfriend”, then by using these hot button techniques your percentage of success will be much higher. If you just use one of these triggers you will soon see a change in his feelings towards you and you will be one step closer to getting your boyfriend back. In the big picture, getting him back is pretty much the easy part. Keeping him by creating a lasting relationship is a lot more difficult.