May 19, 2024


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Workout Routines for Building Muscle

When building muscles through workouts, it is important all muscle groups of the body are targeted equally for a proper and proportionate growth of the body. People wish to have large muscles and cut out physique. This can be a reality if one practices workouts that concentrate on all muscle groups, giving equal opportunities for their development while performing. These workouts won’t produce results immediately and therefore require patience and enthusiasm from you. A workout routine is required in this case so that one performs his/he exercises in a disciplined way. Workout routines to build a person’s muscle are usually intense and long to increase strength of muscles and improve the overall development of the body.

A beginner’s muscle-building routine

A beginner can follow a workout routine for a perfect shape and not necessarily increase body muscle and size. An exercise for all muscle groups would ensure all muscle groups become accustomed to the muscle-building exercises. A person starting any workout should ensure he/she starts out on a proper warm up for all body parts. The session for warm up could stay for about 15 to 20 minutes. Examples of these exercises include running, walking, and jogging among others. These activities energize muscles to get them ready for a workout.

Workout for triceps

Double bar triceps dips

· A double bar is hold on with palms facing each other. Body is supported by holding on to the bar.

· Move downwards slowly, bending a little to provide support for the back. One should remain in this position for a while.

· Repeat the whole process.

Triceps Presses

· Standing in front of overhead pulley, attach to it a bar.

· Fix weight clip, the bar is then held from above with both hands

· The bar is moved down completely before bringing it up slowly

Lying Barbell Extensions

· One lies down on the back on flat bench

· A barbell is then held on hand, hands facing upwards.

· Slowly bend the elbows to follow motion of an arc, keep the barbell an inch from above forehead

· Come back to original position.

Bicep Workout

Bicep curls

· Stand erect

· Hold a barbell that has attached weights,

· Lift the barbell to the shoulders, then bring down slowly

Incline Bicep curls

· Sit on incline bench

· Hold dumbbells each on a hand

· Lift either dumbbell to the shoulder height

· Bring down slowly

· Repeat the same for the other hand.

Concentration curl with dumbbell

This exercise is among the most popular and effective with use of dumbbells for both women and men.

· Sit upright on a bench or chair with the legs spread apart and the dumbbell right put on the right arm.

· Bend slightly to comfortably place the right elbow on the right thigh.

· Take the right lower arm to rest on the right thigh

· Hold dumbbell in the right hand so that it faces you.

· Place the left hand on the left knee so that to maintain the balance while performing the exercise.

This bicep exercise is started by slowly curling the right lower arm upwards towards shoulders. Performing concentration curls requires that you concentrate on bicep muscles, ensuring that the area of your arm is the one being worked on.